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No one is useless who lightens the burdens of another.

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Our History

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April 1985

Enabling people in North Wellington Ontario with access to mental health counselling.

2014 Expansion into South Western Ontario

Partnership with counselling service expands reach and services. Larger footprint and staffing enable ability to work with children caught in high conflict family dissolutions, help victims of human trafficking and substance abuse, and provide mental health support and community workshops .

2015 Partnership with Beauty For Ashes

Women's Rescue Shelter enabling rehabilitation of human traffick and substance abuse victims.

New Life Charity Logo


Helping rehabilitate people from crisis.

Board of Directors

New Life Charity provides financial assistance to qualifying clients in need of therapy. With your generous support, more people will get the help they need. The New Life Charity board is comprised of the following volunteers:

Title First Last Since From
Chairman Brent Boshart June 2016 Atwood, Ontario
Secretary Luke Lise May 1999 St Marys, Ontario
Treasurer Evelyn Knetsch Jan 1996 Drayton, Ontario
Director Ethel McEwen May 1992 Arthur, Ontario
Director Timothy Wagler June 2016 Baden, Ontario