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Where relationships end, war begins. Help kids escape the hatred that never ends, and cope with the barrage of negative words, events and thoughts.more details

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Divorce is extremely difficult for children, with serious, lasting effects.
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Increased psychological disorders (depression and anxiety)
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90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes.
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Lowest levels of pro-social behaviour and general self-esteem.
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Parental conflict is a major source of harm to children

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A high conflict divorce is where marriage ends and war begins. Children are frequently unwittingly used as pawns in this high stakes, emotionally bloody demolition. Kids find different ways to cope in a system that includes children and two parents who absolutely despise each other. This hatred doesn't ease up over the passing of time; no these bitter feelings tend to increase and escalate as the years go by.
Children are faced with a barrage of words, events and thoughts that they are not prepared to deal with in any healthy way. They want to please each parent, but find it impossible to do so for any extended period of time, so they settle for short-term expediency. In other words, they learn to tell the adults what they think the parents want to hear.
Parents who are in the middle of a high conflict divorce are poor communicators at best. When they do talk, their discussion tends to be nasty and filled with disdain. Often times they don’t communicate at all. Children are trained erroneously through this process that all conflict is a must avoid. They don’t learn that some conflict is a normal facet of life that we must all learn to deal with. The danger in this mindset is that the kids come to believe that the only good relationship is one that is conflict free-which is impossible unless you learn to ignore or avoid the conflicts when they arise.
Children who live with the hostile divorce model have symptoms similar to children who are abused and neglected. Children learn to tell parents what they think the adult wants to hear - they develop the ability to lie quickly and convincingly. Since they often find it difficult to get their extra-curricular needs met, they tend to have impaired relationships with peers, and their expectations of friends can become quite distorted. Often we see these kids bringing attention to their situation by getting poor grades, using drugs, becoming defiant, withdrawing from the world, acting out in class and declining to do activities that normally bring them pleasure. Left untreated, the hurt worsens as they enter adolescents and they can often find themselves in the wrong crowds, trying to numb their pain with narcotics and in trouble with law enforcement.

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We provide direct counselling for families, and kids in high conflict divorce settings. We work to ensure a safe, healthy environment for the children as they learn to cope with the events and transitions being forced upon them. These kids need our help.