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Anytime, anywhere, at any cost because their life is worth it.
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Girl's are tracked via GPS and punished if they try and escape.
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71% of human traffic victims are women and girl's.
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Girl's are deliberately addicted to drugs to make them easier to control.
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Victims are vulnerable due to young age, family breakdown, addictions.

Beauty for Ashes

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Sex trafficking is forced prostitution, or human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, human trafficking is the “recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt” of people in order to exploit them. Trafficking always involves the use of violence, threats, coercion, intimidation, manipulation, deception, fraud, abuse of power, or abduction. Under these conditions, a person—even an adult—cannot legally be considered to have given their consent. Recruiting people under the legal age of consent (18 years) for the purpose of exploitation is always trafficking, even if no violence or coercion is involved.
Vulnerable girl's and women are lured through social media or dating websites. Many women and girl's are betrayed by a man who, at first, seemed like a confidant or boyfriend. Many victims are more vulnerable due to their young age, past abuse, poverty, racial discrimination, addictions, family breakdown, or mental health. Worldwide, 98% of sex trafficking victims worldwide are women and girl's. Many victims are first trafficked around the age of thirteen or fourteen. Girl's are targeted by traffickers because, unfortunately, there is a growing demand to purchase sex from younger victims. As a result, traffickers receive a higher financial gain for girl's under the age of 18, making vulnerable young girl's particularly at risk of being forced into prostitution by traffickers. Younger victims are also easier for traffickers to control and manipulate. Too often, girl's who are trafficked and forced into prostitution are seen to have “chosen” their exploitation. In truth, they are victims of child abuse, even if no violence or coercion is involved in their recruitment.
Many vulnerable girl's have no close ties or come from families who are likely to punish them. Once a victim has been lured, a trafficker may use several different methods to exert their control, including: 1 - emotional attachment by pretending to love them and posing as a friend or romantic partner. 2 - constantly monitor the victim, either visually or with a GPS tracking device. If the victim tries to escape, they punish them. 3 - isolate the victim from friends and families. 4 - steal id. 5 - move the victim from city to city making it difficult for police to track or people to help. 6 - threaten harm, and/or deliberately beat or rape. 7 - blackmail. Major studies have shown that girl's under 16 are not in prostitution by choice.
The Beauty for Ashes program is for women, ages 16+, who are exiting human trafficking, the sex trade and addiction. The girl's are provided with counselling for addiction, trauma and sexual abuse through New Life Charity and also need support for shelter, food, clothing, community health care support, life skills, employment training, education and 24-7 staffing. There is a wide range of daily therapeutic and social programming aimed to stabilize and care for the whole person. A minimum 3 month commitment is required for all residents in the program. After 3 months the girl's are able to apply for transitional housing and continue to be monitored and supported by the program for 1 to 2 years to ensure successful reentry into our communities. The path of recovery is long and the rehabilitation cost high. Your donations toward providing these girl's with the necessary counselling make all the difference in transforming the lives of these victims from ashes to beauty. Every penny counts.

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The rescue shelter is funded primarily by private donations. The cost to rehabilitate a life is high and the path to full recovery long. Your contributions will directly shape and change a girl's life.